Manufacture of cardboard boxes

June 3, 2022
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June 3, 2022 Mitapakas

Manufacture of cardboard boxes

Produce your packaging with us

We are the ones who will make quality cardboard boxes for your products. Mitapakas is a young and energetic team, able to answer all questions about corrugated cardboard and implement any of your packaging ideas. Neat and professional packaging creates a sense of aesthetics and quality, saves company costs and allows you to focus on growing sales. The absolute majority of customers who have changed their homemade packaging to standardized and high-quality boxes will agree that this has created added value for the company and effectively improved the product packaging process.




We offer everything

And although the production of cardboard boxes sometimes requires a lot of effort, precise
coordination and planning, our team will help you realize everything from the smallest idea to the
most complex construction. The available experience and resources allow us to offer the customer a
wide range of products: standard transportation boxes, special Fefco construction, cut-out boxes,
large furniture layouts, cardboard sheets, partitions, honeycomb pannels, double-layer corrugated
cardboard rolls and many other various packaging solutions.






Speed and professionalism

You can safely contact us not only when you need to pack furniture or manufactured food products, but also when you need ideas on how to safely transport non-standard shaped products, or how to optimize the available packaging taking into account its transportation and storage conditions. Our flexibility and promptness is what new and old customers choose and trust us for, because it is necessary for every successful business.






Get in touch

So if you are thinking about the production of cardboard boxes for your products, or you are
considering optimization of existing packaging, or you have any other ideas – give us a call. Our professional team will advise and make the best solution for you. We love what we do and we know you will too. Let’s get in touch – we’ll discuss, advise and agree!